inquiry letter

Making an enquiry and booking accommodation

Dear Sir,
I would like to reserve a large room as there are 30 people attending the
conference for the nights of august 18th to the 26th.
The rooms it must have electric sockets for an overhead projector and a screen.
I would like to have confirmation that there will be buffet facilities.
could you please confirm that there is an elevator to go to my room because I
was having trouble through the stairs.
Your, faithfully

Active and Passive Voice

1. Active : You have not pay bills.
Passive : Your bill has not been paid.

2. Active : I will pick up him at 07.00 hrs.
Passive : He will be picked up at 07.00 hrs.

3. Active : The board did not show a direct interest.
Passive : No immediate interest was shown by the board.

4. Active : We cannot find any record of this account.
Passive : No record of an account that can be our found.

5. Active : We will have to make cuts in wages nd shorten vacation.
Passive : Salary cuts will have to be made and holidays shortened.

6. Active : We have made a mistake and incurred a loss.
Passive : A mistake was made and the losses experienced by our.

7. Active : You have an account limited to £187. We have made arrangement to
forward a statement so that you can be checked for proper position.
Passive : Your account has been overdrawn to the extent of £187. Arrangements
have been made to have a statement forwarded to you so that your exact position
can be checked.


Community Wira Group, Inc.
29 Park Road
Rural Town, NH

January 23, 2011

Yulinda Santiani, Executive Director
Wijaya Foundation
555  S. Yulinda  St.
Washington, DC 22222

Dear Ms. Yulindaa,

I am writing to inquire whether Wijaya Foundation will invite proposals from Wira Community Group, Inc., requesting an investment of $ 60,000 per year for two years to support our initiative Enterprise 2000. This grant will provide part of the funds needed for us to train at least 1,200 low-income entrepreneurs in the New Hampshire countryside in the computer skills they need to create a sustainable business as we enter the twenty-first century. Your literature indicates that the wijaya Foundation was looking for innovative ideas to improve the lives of the poor, we believe the Enterprise in 2000 fell well within your field of interest.

Information technology is a promising solution to one of the major constraints facing small firms in rural areas: the geographical distance that prevents network with other businesses, and separating them from the larger market. Internet and other networks now make possible employers even in the most remote locations to communicate and conduct business internationally region-wide, national, or even. Working closely with other organizations, Enterprise 2000 gives participants the technical skills training programs tailored to individual needs, and, in collaboration with organizations that recondition and redistribute used computers, we also ensure that they acquire necessary computer hardware, at low or no cost .

We believe that the widely-applied technical skills programs such as Enterprise 2000 has the potential to change the lives of many struggling entrepreneurs, and change the economic landscape of the rural poor. Unlike many poverty alleviation initiatives, all of the Wira Community Group program is based on the assumption that the employer already owns 95% of what it takes to compete in the market – intelligence, ambition, initiative and talent. After two years of trials and development programs, Wira Community has a style model, amazingly easy to replicate at Enterprise 2000, and established a high credibility among community groups, policymakers, and funders. With your support, we can make a difference of 5% in the lives of these people work hard and the future of our rural communities.

Please call me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Executive Director


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