Tugas Bahasa Inggris (II)

II. Choose the correct determiners in the following sentences.

  1. He doesn’t have (many/much) money
  2. I would like (a few/a little) salt on my vegetables.
  3. She bought (that/those) cards last night.
  4. There are (less/fewer) students in this room than in the next room.
  5. There is (too much/too many) bad news on television tonight.
  6. I do not want (these/this) water.
  7. This is (too many/too much) information to learn.
  8. A (few/little) people left early.
  9. Would you like (less/fewer) coffe than this.
  10. This jacket costs (too much/too many).



  1. much
  2. a little
  3. those
  4. fewer
  5. too many
  6. this
  7. too many
  8. few
  9. less
  10. too much

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