Tugas Bahasa Inggris (I)

I. Identity the correct determiners in the following sentences

  1. After
  2. I go to my village with my family by a car.
  3. You can hear the news on the radio at 9 o’clock.
  4. She is studying geography in the her room.
  5. The atmosphere is polluted.
  6. There’s a person outside who wants to speak to you.
  7. Each bedroom in the hotal is supplied with hot and cold running water.
  8. This pencil to be sharpened
  9. Horses and cows eat different food from dogs.
  10. She has had a tooth out at the dentist’s.
  11. He found a bar of soap and began to wash his hands.
  12. She made some chicken soup.
  13. I need a little sugar in my a teacup.
  14. The desire for money is a cause of much unhappiness.
  15. Hh
  16. The diamonds in the brooch were minute.

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