find out the style letter

  • Full straight shape (full block style)

Understanding the form of a letter that is straight form letter that the process of typing it all starts on the left side of the line (in terms of suppressing the left)
and the date, greeting cover also typed start pegs line the left edge. So the shape of this letter is the form most easily typed.

  • Straight shape (block style)

typed form letter that started it all pegs from the left edge line. In addition to the place and date and the closing salutation, name of company (office), the names and positions that will sign the typed start from the middle between the right edge and left edge of the paper.

  • Form a half straight (semi-block style)

Form a half straight of the form letter nearly equal to the straight form, the difference lies in typing isis only, ie each new Alenia signed five spaces.

  • Official Forms

Official letter form used by many istansi Government. Addresses must be typed the right, while the section on the left made a number, attachments and the subject or letter. Each turn of the paragraphs of the letter is always signed five spaces.

  • Hanging paragraph form
  • Indented form

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